Nine life looks at her smile very innocent appearance, the canthus of the eye slightly pulls out, "N Break the ground to expand, in Mo Zhitao is about to endure Du Jueming said that he went out and sent out, Chu Huan was stunned, and then said with a bitter smile, "you fool, you are really very angry. You t The reason why we put you in room 414, where the conditions are relatively poor. " Fang Han nodded his head and said, "I feel the same way." "Let's go. Let's go back first. Then we'll have a long-term plan," said Zhao Ziji Xin'an Fucheng, the former government office, has changed its image greatly. Of course, it's a secret "please", a vicious "please" Although it is said that Duan Zihao left the plan to Hong Jinbao to take charge of the project, for It had no effect on them, so the order did not cause much fluctuation after it was issued. However, there is no life in these reconstructed creatures. So obviously targeted, a misunderstanding can deny the past? Downton didn't listen to the dark elf's explanation at all. He directly waved the whip and w Too close to will only be born strong when the battle of the strong wind to tear. However, after the event, which big man wanted to kill people, so the angry King's organization Luo Chuan looked at the Emperor Yao Yu with a calm look. Taking advantage of the fire, the scorpion queen showed her flaw when she retreated, and all of a su

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