Lin is confident that he can't chew his own meat for a few days. The garrison is under the command of the minister. He may not be able to capture Luoyang City! " Of course, these people are Tianjiao, but he is happy and fearless. "Captain, what a mistake he has made, and how cruel he is Today, faced with such two choices, for all living beings in the whole era, there are only two choic In my heart, I decided to make some achievements as soon as possible. "Nobility and office are not the only things you want. I'm glad you think so." If the situation is better, the cultivation will be retrogressive and stagnant all his life. He will The first reaction is not two Douluo, but the eight ring soul Douluo evil soul master Wu Yu, who has This huge one eyed monster, with every step of his step, there will be a wave of entity like darknes It's said that they set up toll stations. It's to tune your voice. How can you promise him? The core and fundamental source of strength in Fu literature is actually spiritual force! Third, the branch of apple growing technology mod. In his present situation, although he is in the realm and experience, he lacks enough strength. Any Alice came to the place where Li had dinner. Alice was very interested in arranging the information Purple star also has the master to come here, the sword alliance also has the person to come here "The robe of the full member? Bring your dark ring." However, it is still a step away from the mid-term.

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