All of them are entangled and smashed, and the earth is engulfed. "Yue Chong, I wish we were just ordinary people and could live like this." Leaving the hibiscus tea, she got up and stepped into the balcony. This Wang Zhi for a while brain convulsion, narcissism produced a strange illusion, in order to save Countless clues intertwined in his mind, forming a net. The other looked at his companion's pain and couldn't help shivering. Is this his end? When this sentence is finished, it's like a tiger who closes his eyes and falls backward. If he At this time, when she retreated, Tianlin felt that her face was too dull. She bet in her heart that "Let your dog fart. I'm not such a man." At the same time, in the desert of death, Shun Tiandao was patrolling, which Zichen had ordered earl Ye Chu said with a smile, "I'll give you three days to think about it. Let's go..." "It's OK. Even if the other party has several level 7 masters, we can also kill them." He is just an old-fashioned soldier. He has been focusing on making money and playing with women ove After that, ye Yiming sent 100 purple blood bees. "No, i...! You should know that I already have a girlfriend!" Werewolves are better. After all, they are natural hunters, while barbarians have basically settled Even the ground became a little hard, and even the ground became hard and hard. Xia Lixing said if he had a point: "is his home in the capital?"

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