He metamorphosed once, and soon became stable. To judge by the law state, ye Chu should be the eight Moreover, every year is not as good as it has been, so the cadres have also been psychologically pre In front of him, the holy master of the demon yuan suddenly snorted, and the field was suddenly sile One by one, the dissimilation soldiers are desperate, several, dozens of pulling the same target, fa Hinton simply lay on the ground, with a wry smile, but did not know what to say. This is why the children of big families will enter special military camps. Only in this way can eac "Well, I can still feel sorry for them. I hate to kill them all. I don't care if I bear the char "Brother Hao, what do the devils shout again? Translate for the translator!" "Old man, how much strength is hidden in this body?" Ingrid snorted, "maybe it's a gangster. These guys are damn it!" "That's very good. Thank you for your help." Even the people from the local forces stopped and started to make jade films. Naturally, people woul For example, of the more than ten attendants in the whole carriage, at least seven are from the syst Murong Yu continues to hide in the dark, and Baihong and others are talking, there is no defense at After all, he is just a man who has never been to the battlefield and lives in Weiyang palace. The prestige that sends out makes Yin xuege a little unstable, and her internal mana is about to sol But many people he did not know, can only smile and nod and then with people. However, since Yang Kai and Chenxi team were transferred to form Dayan army, they have never seen Lu

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